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No upfront cost. Nothing on your roof.

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With a Sunscription, [[n]] connected their electricity account to clean energy and saves on their monthly energy bills.
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How does a Sunscription work?

A Sunscription allows electric customers in one place to benefit from a solar project located somewhere else. When homes and businesses have a Sunscription to a Solar Garden, they can save.

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"... it is also a great way to be a part of the Solar community!"

I've subscribed to their Community Solar program for about a year, and while it is a great way to save money on your energy bill it is also a great way to be a part of the Solar community! Their representatives and coordinators are always pleasant to work with and are helpful in clearly explaining the details of the program to make it understandable.

Stephani P.
Residential Subscriber since 2019

"This is honestly kind of a no-brainer."

I signed up for US Solar about a year ago and it has been a wonderful experience. I typically save about $30-$60 per month on my electric bills, and currently, Xcel Energy owes me over $200 in credits for the power that my portion of the solar garden has added to the grid. This is honestly kind of a no-brainer.

Jordan K.
Residential Subscriber since 2019

"Have referred many friends and relatives."

18 months in....just love this program....have referred many friends and relatives....love the program...savings....and their service

Jerry F.
Residential Subscriber since 2019
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Enjoy the benefits of solar.
Let us do the work.

We construct and operate the Solar Garden. You simply sign up online. With our convenient online dashboard and automatic payments, it couldn't be easier.

Save Money

Save on electric costs as energy is produced at the Solar Garden. With no upfront cost, all you'll see are savings.

Moving? No problem.

If needed, you can easily transfer or cancel your Sunscription. And if you move to an eligible area, you can even take your Sunscription with you!

Solar for Everyone

Why purchase your own solar panels when you could subscribe to a Solar Garden? US Solar's Sunscription is connected to your electricity bill, not your home. This means there's no equipment on your property, so renters and homeowners alike can participate.

Support Local Energy

Why import and burn fossil fuels when we can generate local, clean energy? Solar Gardens make us all more energy independent, and even the vegetation at our Gardens enhances the local environment and wildlife.

A Sunscription is only available in select states and electric utilities. To receive the $100 Amazon gift card, a referral must be a new customer to US Solar that has not previously created a US Solar Sunscription account - as determined by US Solar. A unique referral code must be used at the time of signing up. To receive the stated gift card, the referral must sign a Sunscription Agreement with US Solar and complete their billing account. US Solar reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion whether a referral qualifies for the gift card. Limit of 10 referrals per person.